You may be asking yourself why I – a licensed and certified relationship coach and counselor – have chosen to speak primarily to women about the science of love.

The answer is simple: Relationship wellness is a pressing health issue that adversely and inequitably affects women’s productivity in work and their quality of life.

That’s why I’ve made it my duty as a relationship coach to help women – no matter their marital status of chosen career paths – balance their personal and professional lives by empowering them with the scientific tools they need to prepare themselves to prevent repairing themselves. 

Notice I said scientific tools. You see, I believe blame and judgment have ruled the day for far too long when we talk about relationships. By contrast, my unbiased specialty is the neuroscience of love and it’s my passion to dissect whywe do what we do to help women change how they do.

To date, through my coaching/counseling practice, television/radio appearances and keynote speeches, I have helped thousands of women worldwide prepare for love, become the chooser and detox/heal their broken hearts.

 I speak on a variety of proven biological, neurological and strategies that help women – many of whom are often successful in work, but unfulfilled in their personal lives – prepare for love, prevent new relationship mistakes and repair emotional wounds.

Please review my ONE SHEET and WOMEN GROUPS BROCHURE to read the many testimonials I have received for my talks.

I look forward to hopefully speaking with and meeting you soon.