Throughout my practice, I have the unique opportunity to coach a variety of people around the world. Some are celebrities, but most are like me and you – ordinary citizens looking for guidance as we navigate the extraordinary terrain of relationships.

Following are clips of a few on-air coaching sessions, which I hope can shed some light on a similar challenge you may be facing.

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I’m here to help.

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A young married woman was torn between pleasing her husband and maintaining her personal values and well-being. I offered these words:  Marriage Isn’t An Obligation To A Toxic Relationship

A middle-aged woman, victimized by a past abusive relationship, pushed men away when they got too close. Yet, she still yearned for love. Listen to her break-through: Respecting Yourself Is Knowing Yourself In Order To Love Yourself

A married man, who travels a lot for work, sought advice on how to strengthen his marriage with his wife, who travels and works as much as he does. Hear our coaching session: How To Continually Feed Your Relationship

A woman, unsure about the status of her relationship, was unable to pin her love interest down to have “the” conversation. Listen in as I helped her realize that his non-responsiveness was the only answer she needed to move on: He’s Talking To You Loud And Clear